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Adidas handball

Adidas Handball

Leading brand of handball equipment, with products of the highest quality, incredible footwear such as its classic Stabil X model, which has evolved into Stabil next gen, one of the best footwear on our tracks, this is adidas handball.

adidas handball

The German brand adidas needs little introduction. Since its birth in the 20s adidas has grown in quality and prestige with its sports and footwear. adidas is a sponsor of hundreds of computers and high-level professional athletes, which has made it known throughout the world. Quality, variety and price positioning it at the top of the market and away from its competitors.

adidas is a reference in the handball world. This brand is the sponsor of big teams as the french national team and proffesional players as Nikola Karabatić, probably the best player in the world. The hugh variety of shoes from adidas offers a unique experience with shoes as the Stabil, the Counterblast or the low price model Court. Confort, security, flexibility, adherence with an incredible soul and a perfect design of the body of the shoe.

adidas is all in!


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Showing 1 - 74 of 74 items