Balonmano Pro Shop was founded in 2012 at the hands of Dionisio Ugalde, a young entrepreneur who ventured to create their own company with only 19 years old. He started selling floorball products (www.floorballsupershop.com). After the success of its first project, Dionisio decides to expand creating a handball store. The new shop quickly becomes important in the world of handball thanks to the variety of products from top brands at very competitive prices that attracted the purists of the sport.

In 2014 a more modern, intuitive and with a striking design web is created, besides you decide to change Your Store handball Handball Pro Shop, a new more attractive and easy to remember for the customer name, with which it is achieved continued growth and reach more players.

Since 2015 we work to keep growing, expanding our catalog, reaching new clubs and become a benchmark of our handball. We offer a personalized and fastest delivery to your home and the most competitive prices.

Welcome to BMPS!