Among the questions that you always ask us the most common are: which shoes do we recommend?, which are the best shoes? and which shoes are best for each position?.

The Balonmano Pro Shop team we have some preferences. There are sneakers that we like more, that seem better finished, more comfortable, resistant, beautiful, or with a better sole or cushioning. However, it is impossible to say objectively which shoes are the best, since each player is different and therefore will have optimal shoes for their type of game and complexion.

Depending on your position, height, weight, foot shape and tread, we can recommend some models that will help you feel more comfortable on the track, which in the end is the most important thing. All the shoes we sell are of high quality and will allow you to play without problems in any position or circumstance, but if you can pick up a handball shoe that suits your characteristics, you will surely end up noticing it.

Here is a small guide in which we recommend some models of shoes that we like the most according to the different characteristics that we have mentioned.

It is one of the key pieces in any handball team. They are usually players who stand out for their agility, reflexes and flexibility. They don't need to run too much, but they do need to move fast, so we recommend shoes that are light and allow the goalkeeper to be as agile as possible. These are our recommendations:

Munich Goalkeeper with sliding heel: these are the shoes most chosen by handball goalkeepers. The sliding heel is a clearly differential innovation that provides more mobility to goalkeepers. Without a doubt it is our best recommendation.

Adidas HB Spezial: other specific goalkeeper shoes that may be better for you if your foot is especially wide, like the Munich without a heel, these adidas have better grip.

Munich Arquero without sliding heel: if you have tried the sliding heel and you are one of those who prefer more grip, this would be the most recommended option.

Mizuno Mirage: If the goalkeeper-specific shoes don't quite convince you, the Mizuno Mirage is a good option. They will support your foot better, allow you to run much better and are also light and provide a good grip.

We are talking about players who are usually large, tall and heavy, so we recommend wide shoes, with a good sole, cushioning and that allow you to rotate and pivot more easily. We leave you our recommendations:

Mizuno Momentum: shoes with loads of cushioning and a sole that will make it easier for you to pivot when surrounded by defenses. The Momentum are recommended for players with wide feet.

Mizuno Stealth: these are the shoes used by Mikkel Hansen, a player who almost reaches 2 meters in height. If you are big and corpulent, they will be very comfortable for you. They improve stability and support the foot to prevent injury.

Adidas Stabil: The world's most famous shoes are also surely a favorite for many pivots. They are wide, have spectacular cushioning and support the foot wonderfully to pivot without problems.

Salming Kobra: the sole of the Kobra is prepared to give stability to the foot in turns. They also have great cushioning and are wide. A luxury for any self-respecting pivot.

They are more versatile players, they need shoes that allow them to be agile to feint and have good cushioning to jump to shoot. Here are our recommended models:

Mizuno Mirage: highly recommended shoes for the sides. They are ultra light and will allow you to feint and accelerate like never before, and do all kinds of twists and turns. The shoe is made of a fabric that wraps the foot like a sock, allowing the player to move freely throughout the court.

Adidas Adizero Fastcourt: another very light shoe for the fastest players on the court. Its sole has exceptional grip and its construction is designed to maximize mobility in all actions of the game.

Salming Hawk: These sneakers from the Swedish brand Salming are lightweight and have good cushioning. A perfect combination for any side. They also provide a very good grip thanks to the design of its sole.

Salming Kobra Mid: for older players looking for good foot support. These shoes are very comfortable and will allow you to have great grip and cushioning. They are the best to avoid ankle injuries.

Kempa Wing: very light shoes for faster players. If you are one of those who feint non-stop this model will undoubtedly suit you. You will improve your acceleration and power.

Mizuno Stealth: the stability provided by these shoes is perfect for those players who most enjoy distributing the game, calmly, taking advantage of their vision and forgetting what they are wearing on their feet.

Adidas Stabil: The Stabil adapts to almost any type of player. Comfortable and with great cushioning to improve your jumps and falls. If you are a big player with a wide foot, you will do great.

The wingers in handball are the players who generate the counterattacks. Once the game is static they have to be ready to take three steps and jump in search of the goal. They tend to be smaller and slimmer players. Let's see what models we recommend:

Mizuno Mirage: We've already talked about the wonders of these sneakers. It is one of the lightest Mizuno models and therefore the most recommended for extremes. Try them and you will see how comfortable they are.

Mizuno Lightning: The last name "light" does not accompany these shoes by accident. They are really light and provide spectacular acceleration and power in the race.

Adidas Adizero Fastcourt: another very light sneaker model, but whose sole will provide you with greater grip and cushioning. Perfect for flying on the runway.

Salming Viper: Salming's lightest model. They will allow you to go fast without giving up stability. And we can assure you that they are one of the most comfortable shoes that we have tried.

Puma Adrenalite: Puma has designed these shoes for the fastest extremes and with power in the jump. Its performance will give a quality leap to your game.

Kempa Wing: power, speed and excellent grip. The Kempa Wing shoes have all the qualities to make any handball winger fall in love.