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Handball shoes

Handball Shoes

Balonmano Pro Shop offers you the largest variety of handball indoor shoes of the market with the best brands:

Mizuno Handball Shoes

Mizuno comes with a lot of different models with various prices and the Wave shape of tread. Mizuno Wave Stealth 3, Steam, Bolt and Tornado are the most important shoes from Mizuno.

Hummel handball s...

Handball Shoes

Balonmano Pro Shop offers you the largest variety of handball indoor shoes of the market with the best brands:

Mizuno Handball Shoes

Mizuno comes with a lot of different models with various prices and the Wave shape of tread. Mizuno Wave Stealth 3, Steam, Bolt and Tornado are the most important shoes from Mizuno.

Hummel handball shoes

Definitely Hummel is one of the strongest brands of handball shoes. They have the Celestial X5, X7 and X8 and also now they have the Qatar Fireknight model.

Kempa handball shoes

The exclusive brand of handball has a harder footwear that appeals to many fans of handball. Kempa has a huge variety, such as the Black&Sky line, the Tornado, Hurricane and Cyclone.

Handball shoes Salming

The Swedish brand has managed to gain market handball, slippers as the Race and its latest model the Viper 2.0. In the range of race now in its third generation R1 R3 with the highest ankle, the most economical Race 3.0 R2 to R5 and R3 girl junior. In Viper 2.0 Viper find the white model 2.0 Men in yellow, blue and the Viper 2.0 Women pattern in pink, junior and kid model.

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Handball shoes


  • Mizuno Handball Shoes

    Mizuno Handball is the brand most sold in the market for handball in this section are handball shoes. Mizuno has indoor shoes of the most demanded find shoes volleyball and handball.

     Here you will find the following shoes for Handball:
    - Volcano Mizuno wave: Both sneakers girl in blue and boy in blue and orange.
    - Mizuno wave mirage: New shoes mizuno from handball pro shop we think will be a success the mirage are found in orange for boys
    - Mizuno wave stealth 4, the star of this year mizuno orange and blue shoes for handball lovers more
    - Also find the mizuno wave 3 and wave stealth steam 3 Qatar in blue and yellow
    - Indoor model we find something cheaper Twister 4 in black and yellow guy, and striking pink for girls.
    - Mizuno Wave bolt 4: this year's model boy is found in white and bright blue.
    - The indoor high-end models are: wave lighting z roses for girls and 9 for boys Tornado wave, these last triumph in the market handball in recent years, a past
  • Handball Salming Shoes

    Salming is an expert in handball shoes. Handball shoes Salming are today a benchmark in the market

    Slippers medium and high range. Handball shoes Salming make a difference in comfort footwear that nothing but stick your foot is very nice. Salming spent years creating handball shoes. Current models are:

    Salming Viper Handball Shoes:

    We are already in the second generation of the viper Salming 2.0, from the beginning these handball shoes triumphed in the world of handball and squash. Shoes with good cushioning, a sole of three pieces. Handball shoes Salming we've seen in blue and pink in its first edition in its second generation find in fluorescent green, dark blue and white in the range of man, woman in pink and orange range for the kids. shoes Salming Viper 2.0 is the most high-end shoes Salming handball.

    Salming Race Handball Shoes:

    Certainly are more shoes that are brand in this 2015 visit its third generation of shoes Salming 3.0 Race, Race is certainly the world's most comfortable indoor shoes, a striking footwear, beautiful colors. Salming Race found several models. Race shoes Salming 3.0 R1 are high-end shoes, the race R9 are the same as R1 but with the higher part of the ankle. R2 is the most economical slippers, R3 is R5 girl model and the model of shoes for children

  • In this category you will find handball shoes adidas German brand, one of the strongest brands in the market of handball. adidas takes many years fabircando the stabil, possibly the best indoor slipper history, A day today found the stabil in their models 11 and 12. stabil coming new Adizero counterblast another great orms shoe, this model, meets the requirements handball. Some shoes that are much too like the stabil adipower, something lighter model that classic stabil, a model we've seen a lot in the world of handball, floorball. So if you're looking for the best handball shoe adidas is one of your best options with a variety of specialized shoes in handball

  • Asics Handball Shoes

    With Asics you can find all the proffesional models of handball shoes: Asics gel fireblast 2, Asics gel domain, gel blast 6

    Are you looking for the best handball shoes? This are your options:

    Handball Shoes Asics Gel fireblas 2:

    Best shoes to play handball. Light, orange and yellow.

    Handball Shoes Asics Gel blast 6:

    In orange and black, this shoes are consistent and confortable. Probably the top seller of Asics.

    Handball Shoes Asics Gel squad 6:

    The most economic and simple shoes from Asics. Perfect to start playing handball!

  • Kempa Handball Shoes

    Kempa takes a turn to the handball shoes making the new Kempa Attack

    The German brand Kempa takes more than 90 years dedicated to the manufacture of shoes Kempa handball.

    Kempa is specialized in handball top shoes with a superb quality at a price more than competitive. Kempa invests in design and technology to provide annually the most advanced and modern shoes handball. Among its successes is the caring much the soles of the shoes to gain in grip and stability thereof to protect the foot from injury while providing the best comfort and convenience for the required jumps and turns during games and training.

    The Kempa Cyclone and Tornado are having many followers among fans of handball. In the Tornado we found 3 models for men, women and Black & Sky, while Cyclone noted for its striking black and yellow colors.

    The Hurricane Kempa Black & Sky also liked for its quality, design and above all, for its price; but the news of Kempa exceed the above. We introduce them:

    - Kempa Handball Attack Two:

    It's the new shoes from Kempa. You'll find them for men (Attack Two Men) and women (Attack Two Women) in blue/yellow or pink/yellow. This shoes offers great flexibility and confort for the best handball players.

    - Kempa Handball Attack Three:

    Beautiful handball shoes with a yellow colour and black. Preciosas zapatillas de un color amarillo neon con toques en negro. Best adjustment and greater stability in the heel.

    Kempa Hanball K-Float:

    Kempa street shoes with lightweight and breathable textile body. Designed to look more than any shoes, K-float are designed to go out, go to school or do everyday. Very nice in black color.

  • Hummel Handball Shoes

    The Hummel handball shoes are a reference in our sport. Players as Victor Tomas use this shoes.

    In Balonmano Pro Shop you can find a great variety of Hummel Handball Shoes: 

    Hummel Celestial X8

    This is the best from Hummel this year. Hummel Celestial X8 offers a sole that is notable for its good contact with the ground, an incredible damping for large jumps pivot point which makes these the best Hummel handball shoe.

    Hummel celestial X7 Women

    The Hummel Celestial X7 for Women are an incredible success of the brand. The design, the weight, the soul and the body of the shoe are only a few reasons to buy this shoes.

    This season we will have the new Omnicourt in Balonmano Pro Shop, we'll find three ranges Z8, Z4 and Z6.

Showing 1 - 83 of 83 items
Showing 1 - 83 of 83 items