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    Jorge Maqueda

    You want all the material of Jorge Maqueda, central of the Spanish team and Hungarian Vezprem, in his category we find both his mizuno mirage 3 and the Spanish handball teamshirt.

    Jorge Maqueda is a Mizuno handball player, and currently uses his footwear is the mizuno mirage 3 in red and black, a shoe with a lot of reactivity and good cushioning.

    Jorge Maqueda is a Vezprem player apart from the Spanish team. A player with vision, and great ability to score given his magnificent outside shot. In Balonmano pro shop we consider him a fundamental player for defense and an attack with danger from outside the team.

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    Jorge Maqueda

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    Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items

    Sports equipment of the handball player Jorge Maqueda, central of the Spanish handball team, sponsored by the mizuno brand, with red Mizuno mirage 3 shoes