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Raúl Entrerríos

You want all the equipment of Raúl Entrerrios, our captain of the Spanish handball  team and Barcelona, in his category we find both his footwear and the handball team barcelona handball and national team shirts.

Raúl Entrerrios is a Mizuno handball player, and he uses the mizuno stealth neo in red and black, a shoe with great stability and dynamism.

Raul Entrerios is a Barcelona player apart from the Spanish team, captain in both teams. A player with vision and great ability to score. In handball pro shop we consider you an iconic player of any team.

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Raúl Entrerríos

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

Sports equipment of the handball player Raul Entrerrios, captain of the Spanish handball team, sponsored by the mizuno brand, with Mizuno stealth neo footwear