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Handball resin

Trimona Handball Resin

The best trimona resin on the market for handball practice is in our store with different products and various packs for all tastes.

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Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items
Showing 1 - 26 of 26 items

In Handball Pro Shop you will find the leading resin in the market, trimona handball, this resin designed for handball , has several types of glue, the most typical are its green cans of 250 and 500 grams.

Great resin quality at a very low price. Durable resin at high and low temperatures, and with a durability that allows to leave a well closed pot halfway, during the vacation period and only dries if we leave it in a good place the first layer, we could reuse it, this is a clear example of the quality of TRIMONA HANDBALL .

We find in our store the TRIMONA 125g 250g and 500g cans, we also have the EASY CLEAN TRIMONA 250G handball. As more exclusive products in Handball Pro Shop we have the 200 ml TRIMONA spray remover and the 100 ml TRIMONA liquid remover .

We also have a Kempa resin with the guarantee of this popular brand from the world of handball.

All these glues and removers are products designed exclusively for handball, for you.

And the best that in 24 hours they are in your pavilion.